Friday, 7 June 2013

Hello Lovelies!

It's rolled round to that time again were I look at what I have been loving during the past month! What with exams still rolling for over half of the month I had little time to try new things so what I have been loving comes at the end of the month really. Lets get started!

So the first thing I have been loving is the colour Coral, whether that is coral shades in make up, clothes or accessories, if it has been coral I kind of wanted it. The colour on my nails last month was also a coral shade call Guava Bite and I loved it, like proper loved it!!

With the exam season in full swing last month dry shampoo was again my best friend! I really do love it for in between wash days, it just seems to refresh my hair! I really love the Graffiti one from Batiste.

After my exams I needed a right old pamper session! So the products I loved for this including a Detox Cleanse Shampoo from Toni & Guy RRP £5.99 (well I used a lot of dry shampoo!!) this is for occasional use and my hair felt so clean afterwards it felt so nice to just cleanse and remove product build up, Soap and Glory Fab Pore Facial Peel it smells so good as with all S&G products and it made my skin feel amazingly clean, and Dove Pamper and Nourishing shower gel Hibiscus and Almond Cream (£2.40)  just smells amazing, end of.


Photo from Soap and Glory website RRP £8

Last month I rediscovered an old favourite of mine and a new one! The old one is the Mango and Passion Fruit blended drink from Starbucks, I love these two fruits especially mixed together and can be very refreshing on rather warm days.

photo taken from here

The new discovery is a flavour of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I am normally very loyal in my B&J flavours and have the same 3 scoop as my cinema treat when I have some Odeon points. I normally have Cookie Dough, Caramel Chew Chew and Baked Alaska however when I went to go and see Star Trek Into Darkness at the beginning of the month I decided to try a new flavour and boy did I love it!! It is the Vermonster and it is Maple Syrup ice cream with Peacan's in and it is so yummy!!

Photo taken from here

This concludes my May favourites :)

What have you been loving?



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