Sunday, 28 April 2013

Holliday Haul #1

Hello Lovelies!

I thought that after posting about my holiday I would share a little haul with you :) I have decided to split it into two hauls; one from France and one from the UK so let's get started!

This is in no real order apart from they are grouped Disneyland and Not Disneyland, first stop Disneyland I guess!

This was a random buy in the studios, it was about 4.5 euros and I got it from the shop at the bottom of The Hollywood Tower of Terror ride and I loved it it was all late 20s and 30's themed and I saw this little 'Do Not Disturb' sign and thought it would be a good momento that I would see everyday :)

This, is the most epic t-shirt in the history of the world. 
It is Snow White's dress. As a t'shirt. it was just over 30 euros and was my main souvenir from the trip so eveytime I wear it I can be like 'I got this from Disneyland :D' (that's me having a big smile on my face btw) I thought it was supper cute, probably not to many peoples taste but being the Disney Fiend that I I just had to get it. I walked past it like 20 times in different shops, it was calling out to me and on the last day I caved!

Next I just got a couple of Key rings, I love key rings. If they don't fit on my car keys or my work keys then I pin them to my notice board and they hold a little memory :)
The Tower of Terror one was to remind me of the studios and looked like a room key, I have a thing for old keys, I don't like throwing keys away..... and then Tinkerbell was for Disneyland and I thought it was simple and classic with a little green detail to add a little sparkle. (keyrings approx 5 euros)

When I last went to Disneyland I bought some tigger ears and I still have them!! I saw everyone wearing Minnie Ears and I was like I have to have these I need to look like Disney has puked on me. So I wanted to be decked out and I love them to pieces! they were roughly 10 euros there were other styles of ears like pink sparkle ones which were more expensive and marie cat ears and pluto ears and mickey ears with wizard Hats it was all for the 20th anniversary. I keep them on a Pandora bag which is slotted into my mirror

When I last went to Disneyland my mum was clever enough to purchase a Photo Album. I wouldn't have thought of this but before I went we dug it out and had a good look. She wanted to capture our memories and date them, we went feb 2003, and I wanted to do the same. Even though as soon as I came home I had hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of pictures to put on facebook I wanted something that I could keep and show people. I got this one from the same shop as my mum had ten years ago and it was roughly 15 euros. I had way to many pictures to fit in it but I also got a few postcards and put them in the front bit with my parc entrance ticket. When I went through my photos i realised that there were some that were EXACTLY THE SAME there is a picture of snow whites cottage, and the animals outside and no joke they are IDENTICAL same camera angle and everything! Same with the parades, we were sat in almost the exact same spot so picture angles were the same but different parade. Maybe I will show some comparison  pictures in another post.

Every where I go I tend to get a Winnie the Pooh. My mum collects Eeyore I get her one from different places and this time she said she wanted a big one, she had a small one and a medium one which according to her is a good 'cuddling size' so the most important item from the entire trip was this Eeyore and I got her one which was rather big and I wouldn't squish him in the suitcase he had his own bag and he was very important! Anyway, I get Winnie instead and I have them from all over, London, Manchester, Blackpool, New York (yes Blackpool is definitely not in the same league as New York but I have one from their Disney Store), Canada and so I wanted one from Disneyland Paris however there was no reall good sized one, there was one that was for a baby but wasn't like the traditional Pooh Bear I wanted so I got a small one on a key ring and he was roughly 6 euros

The slightly larger one is my one from the World of Disney store in New York (3 FLOORS OF DISNEY, OH  MY GOSH) the one on the right is one my uncle got me from Canada and the one on the left is from Paris. The badges on the Canadian Pooh are from my first trip to Disneyland and I got a Pluto when I was there last time 

Here are my non Disney items :)

Many of my user names consist of the word Smurf. I love the Smurfs, I loved the tv show and a friend of mine went to France a couple of years ago and knowing how much I love them brought me some edible ones back. They are only available in France I have found them once over here maybe last year as a limited edition but they sell constantly over there and I was like I need to get some. I also picked up some other Haribo that we don't have and they were roughly about 1.5 euros from my local Carefour City

This is what I was looking for in Paris. Bioderma. I couldn't find it ironically and it is one of the most popular beauty products which almost all the beauty gurus use. I had read reviews about it and really wanted to try it and it is really difficult to get over here and I found it in a little chemist in the train station Gare Du Nord after getting off the train from Disney. They were on offer for the 2 big bottles for 19 euros so I picked up a pack and I have been loving it to remove my make-up

My final purchase to use up my Euros was this for 15 euros. It is a L'Occitane hand cream and my friend loves it so I thought I would get one, it also came with a solid perfume of the fragrance I got the hand cream in, Cherry Blossom. I love the smell and it is an absolutely amazing hand cream. It is even rivalling my trusty Hand Food by soap and glory!

I think I have wittered on enough now and I need to get off and head to dancing!




Saturday, 27 April 2013

Holiday Day #6!

Hello Lovelies!

So it was the final day of our holiday and to start the day we headed to Leicester Sq and we happened to pass a poster in the tube station for M&M world and I decided we should go. Hands down, best idea of the day! it was amazing you could make a bag of M&M's and they had every colour of the rainbow, even TEAL! I had to get some and you could also be analysed to see what colour m&m you were so we gave everything a try!! 

 We then headed over to Trafalger Sq and I was not climbing up to the lions, I only have little legs but Liz did!

 And proceeded to jump off so I got a good action shot!!
 We just spent the day round London and went up to see the Queen (who was in!) before heading back

To end the trip we headed to Speedy's cafe near Euston for a Sherlock wrap to take on the train and I probably fell asleep on that train journey home too!

Hope you have enjoyed my posts from my holiday, I may share a little haul post from holiday shopping! 




Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Holiday Day #5!

Hello Lovelies!

So day 5 we headed back to the UK! We left Sunny (yet cold) Paris and was met with......Snowy London. We got into London at roughly 1:30pm and quickly ran to our hotel and left our bags unpacking our outifts for the evening ready to go! First stop we made was to Kings Cross as Liz had heard that there was a Harry Potter shop which there was! right next to Platform 9 3/4 !! and then we headed off on our manic run about London Town! 

the next stop which is always a must is Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Ave, we go everytime we are there and it sells all manner of cult and tv film merchandise so I got a couple of SMALL things and just hand a general mooch around. ( see below!)

 Every year we see a show, this time it was Wicked!! I was so excited to see it I hadn't heard many of the songs (obviously Defying Gravity!) and was super excited to see it!

 It is about the Witchs of Oz and the time before Dorothy arrived up until after! I wont go into too much detail if you haven't seen it as I suggest that you do! After the show (as always) we hung around the stage door (not like we are creepy people or anything....) and managed to get the 3 main leads to sign our programme! 

 This is Ben Freeman and he has been in Emmerdale if you recognise him! He played Fiero

This is Gina Beck who played Glinda, my favourite I loved her!! I also had Louise Dearman who played Elphaba sign my programme!

Well after that long day we headed back for our final night in London!




Sunday, 21 April 2013

Holiday! day #4

Hello Lovelies!

So the next day of the holiday we spent at Walt Disney Studios! I was still sooo excited and bouncing off the walls it was unbelievable, the best feeling in the world is waking up in Disneyland. Seriously I could live there. So we did the usual get up supper early and headed to breakfast which was a continental buffet. Note that if you go to Disney and get this breakfast eat lots and take lots on your plate to make little sandwiches because if you are anything like me you will be on a budget and probably forget to sit down and actually eat because you are too excited so packing little snacks is good! I put lots of cereal bars in my handbag and they came in very handy!  

We got to the studios as soon as it opened, we used our magic hours and went in Disneyland first, I got a couple of keyrings and we went on a couple more rides then we decided to man-up and go on the Tower Of Terror!!

Now when I was younger at Halloween there were two films that were always on (obviously Disney) Hocus Pocus (which I still watch every Halloween to this day!) and The Tower Of Terror. To see the trailer click here and to actually watch the whole movie via youtube click here. So the story is that in this hotel in the '30's 5 guest got into a lift and as they were going to the 13th floor the tower was struck by lightning (you can the detail on the picture) and they were taken to the twilight zone. You go through the hotel and are lead to the service elevators and you queue up to go on (We stood in row 4 which meant you were sat at the back, YES) you strap yourself in and you drop a little, great I was already pooping my pants I hate big rides why did I decide to go on this!?!?, and then you go through the hotel and see the ghosts and your elevator goes up to the top, the doors open and you can see the whole of the studios and into Disneyland and then you drop. Like proper drop, you lift off your seat, and this occurs a few times and I was screaming like a banshee honestly but it was such an adrenaline rush I want to do it again!!!

Once I was able to walk again (serious jelly legs after that ride) we walked through the park and headed for the animation studios

Right opposite the animation there was a monsters inc photo op and a scream meter so you could scream into the jars and try to fill them like in the film, yes they were for kids but we had to have a go!!

This is what I drew! So you go in and you learn about the history of animation and the history of Walt Disney Animation and have a show about character concept and design and then there is an interactive room where you can learn to draw your favourite characters play with colour, movement, shape, light, sound etc I did this last time and I am pretty sure I sat in the same spot! We then headed over to see stitch live and it was awesome and I think stitch is adorable!!! I love him <3 as we came out we suddenly turned around and all these characters appeared

LOOK WHO WALKED PAST ME!! IT IS SNOW WHITE. I may have yelped a little....

I actually hopped and jumped to take a picture of Ariel!!!

After that excitement we decided to get our spot for the Disney Stars 'n' Cars parade which there are some pictures below!

so after the parade, around tea time we headed back through Disney village to do some shopping and we went into some shops in the studios (I didn't get much when in Disneyland as i would have to take it all on the rides so would buy things in the evening) but the first thing I bought while we walked back was a big Eeyore for my mum, She loves Eeyore and I like to get her one from everywhere I go and I got her a sort of big (the size of a pillow) really soft one and he was the most important piece of luggage I kept saying I need to get one and we made sure he was packed (not squished) before we left I got a couple other things but I can do a haul post if you would like and include stuff from Paris and London. So we headed back got our bags and waved bye the Disneyland, I didn't want to go home.

Once we got back to Paris I needed to get some Bioderma and I couldn't find it anywhere no pharmacies had it but as we were in the station back in Paris I just happened to nip in one and it was there! So I got a couple for me and my friend Lea.

Nothing much exciting happened that night, the hotel guy at the desk remembered us and we got the same room as last time (SCORE!!) and we ate at the same cafe on the corner!

we have 2 more days to go before we got home so I will see you for another post soon!!