Thursday, 18 April 2013

Holiday Day #3!

Hello Lovelies!

So this is the point in the holiday that I went mental because.....


Yes I know I am 21 and still getting extremely excited about going to Disneyland but I love Disney <3

So as we were excited we got up early had our breakfast and got our bags backed ready to go! The day before we had already gone and got the train tickets to get to the station, it was quite simple, you got on one train and got off at the first stop, the first stop for all the RER something trains were the same and they ran every ten mins and then you hopped across the platform and got on the train that had the station name and Euro Disney as it was the final stop. The journey lasted about 40 minutes but it was the longest 40 minutes of my life! I just wanted to get there! I had been to Disneyland Paris before exactly 10 years ago and I was super excited to go again I was jumping around like a small child! When we were nearing the station if you looked out the window you could see the main Disney Hotel as we went right passed it! As we got off the train the first thing we could see in the sky was The Tower of Terror in Walt Disney Studios which I was desperate to go on, don't ask me why I dislike big rides! so we got onto the shuttle to our hotel, The Hotel Cheyenne which was so cool! I had previously stayed in Sequoia Lodge and loved it and this was decked out like the wild west and I mean you were actually there, sandy dust roads old style houses and a bank and sherrifs office it was immense!! 

When we were heading back to the park (I made sure we would get to the hotel just before 10 as the park opened at ten and we could get in first thing, if you stay at one of the Disney Hotels you are entitled to magic hours where you can enter the park 2 hours earlier than anyone and since I wanted to stay there till close I thought that might have been too early but we used it the next day!) I made sure to make us walk through the Disney Village like I had done and you get to see all the other hotels and look at the shops and Disney Village is open till like 11pm at night and I wanted us to get the whole experience of walking through. Quick bag check we were in and on our way to collect our tickets!!
 I was so excited to be here I couldn't stop smiling! we collected our tickets and went straight through and I kind of ran towards the castle, I love that thing I want to live there I love Sleeping Beauty it is one of my favourite Disney Films and I love all things Disney Princess!
 Look at the colour of that sky! not a cloud in sight and it was only about 10:30 am but still that freezing cold wind was blowing a gale!
 I want this window in my house! seriously I was running round the castle going 'Guys, I want a castle' (If you don't know what Disney film that's from it is Tangled. I love that film, speaking of Tangled......)

 We walked through the castle and I quickly spotted a ride with only a 10 minute wait, it was Snow White's Scary adventure and I made a beeline for it as I adore Snow White! You get in a little cart with one of the dwarfs name on and you travel through the story of Snow White and when the Evil Queen turns into the beggar woman it gets scary! That bit in the film still scares me, it is her face when she appears and the music goes DUUUUN

 Oh I forgot to mention, under the castle there is a dragon and when I went when I was younger I was to scared to go down and see it but we went all the time this time round it was Lizzie's favourite thing in the whole park (see scary dragon below)
 After heading through Fantasyland and having Jack Sparrow walk past us and say Hello (OMGEHFGHFUHGFGDGUGBDAGB) we headed over to Frontierland and Adventureland where I had some more rides in mind!
This ride, we went on twice. We are big fans of the films and again only a 10 minute wait (for both times we went on the ride) and I think it quickly became Liz's favourite. You board a little boat and go on a journey through pirate day to day life of looting and drinking rum etc all to the sound of 'Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirates life for me!' and then you go on a drop....
 Once we survived that (didn't get to wet) we headed through Adventure Isle and through a dark maze in Skull rock which lead us to Davy Jone's Locker
 However what we found outside was slightly more appealing.........
Yup, Captain Jack Sparrow!!!
 We headed over towards Big Thunder Mountain but it was shut and that is my favourite ride in Disneyland but the man said it would be opening soon so we headed over to the Phantom Manor and when we got there we heard the screams form Big Thunder and we knew we had to go on that next regardless of wait time!!
 Phantom Manor is like a ghost train ride and you start in the hallway and walk into a big room and the room appears to descend and the paintings get longer and more creepy and then comes the fun part. Getting in the little pods. This sounds easier than it was. You walk onto a moving platform and get on the moving pods, so 2 moving components to work out to get on the ride, safe to say there were trips and splits and giggles before you get scared. now you travel through the old house and watch the bride haunt and tings move and appear and disappear and I actually really enjoyed this ride and I kept my eyes open! (acheivement as I close my eyes on the ghost train at Blackpool pleasure beach!!) The wait for this ride said 20 mins but it was more like 15, we headed straight for Big Thunder Mountain with a 30 min wait and we waited it out because I love it so much, it is a runaway train ride and I absolutely love it!
 We then headed back through adventure Isle and went on the Robinson Tree house (again climbing more stairs) Adventure Isle had loads of activities like this and lots of wobbly bridges! 
 Infront of Hook's ship (which we went on and it was so cool) and Skull Rock
And finding the lamp from Aladdin!!
 We headed back through Fantasyland and went through Alices Curious Labyrinth which I had done when I was last there.

 I also attempted to pull the sword from the stone but I was unsuccessful
 My new ride! aka Cinderella's carriage in Fantasyland
We headed through to Discoveryland where Liz went on Space Mountain and I didn't but we both went on the Nautilus which was a submarine you could walk through in the middle of a lake from 20,000 leagues under the sea (I think I probably got the name wrong!)

 I had a photo like this last time so I had to get another one outside pizza planet!!

Next to the castle there is a little shop before you get to the Snow White ride and it was the cottage from the film, if I lived in the Castle this would be my holiday home!

We made sure that while we were there we saw all the parades, the Disney Magic on Parade and The Disney Dreams show at closing time.

Disney Magic on Parade

Disney Dreams Show

Sorry for the long post! In day 4 we head over to the Walt Disney Studio!!





  1. Love this! :D I can't wait to go in September!! 2013 seems to be the disney year for me! lol and i cant believe you have 50 disney dvds i am so jealous!! I was just thinking the other day that I need to start collecting them glad you had a good time!! :D

    Jen xxx

    1. Thanks for the comment! Amazon is good to start collecting some of the older ones are available cheaper than in stores. You will love it I want to go back right now!!


  2. I love Disney, nothing to be embarrassed about ;) Lovely new blog! Just followed you! X

    1. Thanks for the comment checking out your blog, loving it!!