Monday, 3 December 2012

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Hello Mr Postman....

Hello Lovelies!!

I got very excited the other day as post arrived for me for once!! (and it wasn't some form of bill or appointment!)

My Once Upon A Time dvd came out on Monday as did the new Steps album and as I pre ordered them they both arrived safely and on time! I also managed to get a few of my christmas presents sorted this week!! eeeeeekkk! Excited!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!!


Friday, 16 November 2012

Hair Inspiration

Morning Ladies!!

Finding yourself with less time than normal? Unsure what to do with your hair? (this tends to happen too often for me with work and uni!) Here are some very simple inspirations to get you going!!

Photo from
Why not add a simple plait to your hair to add a little glamour to that same old ponytail or bun?

Photo from
Simple but effective!

Photo from
Or add a little volume!

Photo from
or add a bow or ribbon!

Photo from
The messy bun is probably favoured by myself and the girls at work! For some reason we nicknamed it 'Pineapple Hair'

Have a lovely day!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Hello Lovelies!!!

Recently I have taken to burning scented candles while I study and they smell amazing!! One of my all time favourites is a candle called Fairy Dust, I originally got one from John Lewis and then more recently I found one in...Waitrose! This has been burning nest to a couple from The Country Candle Company which I found in a small shop in Longridge called Tienne, it is a lovely little shop and I recommend anyone in Longridge to pop in it is on Berry Lane I think :) My current favourites from the collection are Moroccan Blush Rose and Sweet Pea.

And now thanks to my lovely friend Lea over at It's such a wonderful life I have gotten into Yankee Candles. My favourite one of the collection so far is Soft Blanket it smells so fresh and what I love about it is that it doesn't even need to be lit to make my room smell divine!! I though I should get in the Christmas spirit and got some festive candles from their range; I am currently loving Snow in Love it reminds me of Christmas without being choked by Cinnamon! This also goes for their Christmas Eve scented candle (which I am currently burning!) and finally I got a Sugared Apple which isn't so overpowering in Apple but still has a hint of 'Christmas Smell'

ttfn x

Long Time No Speak!!!

Hey guys!!

Sorry it's been so long I have been so busy with getting back into uni and all the work that comes with it and loads and loads of overtime!!

At current I am still cracking on with uni work but I am now getting into the Christmas spirit and burning lovely scented candles!! I have loads to share with you all and can't wait to get back into the swing of blogging again!

Sorry for being such a bad blogger!!


Megs x

Friday, 3 August 2012

Bonnie's Blogs day 7, 8 &9!

Hello Ladies!!

Sorry it has been so long! I have been going slightly insane while Megan plays the new Doctor Who trailer on repeat all day!! there isn't anything to report apart from the fact that we have some sunlight! FINALLY! it is meant to be summer after all!

Must dash!

Bonnie x

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Bonnie's Blogs day 6

Good morning Ladies!!

All is well here just been having a hop around the cage while Megan refills my water and food! Nothing terribly exciting to report apart from her brother Thomas keeps giving me funny looks when he comes in the room!!!

May update you later!!

See you soon!

Bonnie x

Monday, 30 July 2012

Bye bye roots!!

Hello ladies!!

Just a short post today! Just spent the weekend in the lakes for my cousins wedding and it was amazing!! The getting ready part took forever though! I had to have my nails done and my hair dyed to hide the horrible roots!!! There will probably be a before picture in Lea's blog here So here is the new hair and nails for the wedding!!

The colour on my nails is a gel called Red carpet, it is like a hot pink! with one coat of disco ball ontop to add a little sparkle! This gel is not Shellac but is more rubbery and in my opinion lasts longer on my nails! I get a girl at work (gemma in the salon) To do them and I get my friend Laura to do my hair! 

must dash now got loads to catch up on!!


Megs x

Bonnie's Blogs day 4&5

Hello Ladies!!! Sorry it's been a while! Megan took the laptop with her to the lakes.

The days have been pretty boring, I've had a nap, some water, kicked sawdust onto the carpet, rolled around a bit but other than that nothing exciting has happened yet!! Megan wants to get on here so she can write some blogs now!! Toodle pip ladies!

Bonnie x 

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bonnie's Blogs day 3

Hello Ladies!!

Bonnie here! Just a quick update on things my end! Not very interesting today, the Olympics have been on and I have been trying to keep my eye out for Alex and Lea as they watch the beach volleyball!! It's all right for some! Megan is just running round trying to finish all the jobs before she goes to this wedding!! She is just finishing my extra bottle and food so I think I best get back!

Have a Lovely Day!

Bonnie x

Friday, 27 July 2012

Bonnie's Blogs day 1&2

Hello ladies! I'm taking over!!

I'm Bonnie and I belong to Alex and Lea but while they are living it up in London I am on holiday at auntie Megan's!!

Day 1 wasn't to interesting, Megan was late for work which amused me greatly at 6:30am!! I just spent the day chilling and getting used to the new room I am to stay in, FYI Megan it needs a tidy!!!!

Day 2 The room is still a mess but Karen keeps talking to me when Megan is running up and down the stairs (I have no idea what she is doing) She leaves the door ajar so I can nosey out or just people watch but She likes to shut it to keep the rif raf out!! Any way I got to go ladies, I am just going to watch the end of the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics and have a sleep! What do you think of the ceremony???? let me know in the comments section!!

Talk soon!!!

Bonnie x

Trafford Centre Haul!

Hello ladies!!

So I went to the Tafford Centre with Lea and bought a few things and fell in love with a new shop called forever 21!!!

this is Sable by MAC, It was one that I wanted to add to my Pro Palette and was £10

Superdrug!! MUA Eye liner in Snow White (that did make my day!!) £1 and Eylure lashes in 116 £5.25

Forever 21!!! Long star necklace £4.90, Large gold/peach dangle and small blue and clear stud earrings £2.40 each, bracelets £5.65 for the group and small compact mirror £2.40!! I could of easily spent more money!!

Natural Collection at Boots were on 3 for £5 for my nan!!

H&M!! Last minute buy from H&M sunglasses £6.99!

And what I actually went to get.......
coral/orange/pink and white maxi dress from Monsoon! was £79 reduced to £23!!!!! BARGIN!!!

Off now ladies!! Long weekend ahead!!!


Megs x

Friday, 13 July 2012

Pennies make pounds!!

Hello :)

Does anyone else have that jar that you put all your loose change in for a rainy day? Well I emptied the ones around my house and the rubbish in my purse and it came to....a whopping ...... £67.60!!!

So it really is true that saving pennies makes pounds!!! Now just what to spend it on......


Megs x

Vlogs and Make-up tutorials....

Hello :)

Really short blog!
After watching my favourite youtubers I have now got the urge to start vloging more. What are you're thoughts ladies???? Also, I watch a LOT of make-up tutorials and even though I may not be as good as the make-up artists out there I have got better and been thinking about doing some, would you watch them?? I have some ideas for OUAT characters and I have been taking more and more notice of peoples make-up when I watch things so I could get an idea of the look they have on. Opinion girls!! What tutorials would you want to watch on youtube???


Megs x

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Pottermore Chamber of OPEN?!?!

Hello :)

I have just received an email saying the the first few chapters of the Chamber Of Secrets is now open to everyone not just members of Slytherin House!!

got to dash now or I will be late for work!
Let me know in the comments section if you are on Pottermore and what house you are in!


Megs x


Hello :)

So I was flicking through my avon magazine and spotted a few things that interested me:
The big thing at the back is a scarf which was £6, I had spied it before and at £12 previously I thought it a little too pricey so when it was in for £6 I thought that a more reasonable price to pay! it is a camel colour with a band of purple with detail at either end and a great accessory to most outfits! 
In the top left corner and below is just some cream and scrub to help get rid of rough skin and soften the heels again these were on other at just under £2 each I think and as it is summer and I may be getting the sandals out I thought it was time to make sure the feet were in pretty condition to face the world! 
In the top right corner is a perfume called Christian Lacroix Nuit and smells amazing! I smelt it a small event held by House of Jessica who is a friend of mine that is my Avon lady and works with FM cosmetics and also sells jewellery.
Now the most exciting items!! I have heard everyone raving about Moroccan oil for there hair and I wanted to give it a go but it is a bit pricey for a student so when Avon brought out their own at an offer price of around £1.50 I jumped at the chance! They also have a shampoo and conditioner at £1.99 each at the moment which I picked up.
 I will give a review near the end of the month!


Megs x


Hello :)

So I do loovvee a bit of internet shopping and one of my friends brought my attention to this webiste which sells handmade and vintage items as soon as she said that I know I would love it! it is a website called Etsy and so I had a mooch around and actually purchased a few items. In all I bought from 3 sellers and bought about 7 items.

The first buyer I bought from was TwulyLovelyDesigns and as most of you are aware I am a big fan of the ABC show Once Upon A Time so I thought I would search for some items and this seller/shop had some really nice things (should point out that they do other designs as well and you should check it out) I bought 4 items and got one free! I bought a few wax cord character bracelets in: Mary Margaret, Emma, Regina, Mr Gold and picked Archie as the free item! when they arrived I was blown away!

They cam all bubble wrapped and in a small pouch with a note thanking me for my purchase and a complementary keyring of the sheriff's badge from OUAT! These are the bracelets on and the other 2 which I got for my friend. 

In order it goes: Mary Margaret, Regina and then Emma and in the second picture it's Archie and Mr Gold. Each of the bracelets was £2.50 and then postage with the 5th bracelet being free! :)

My next purchase was from a shop/seller called PlasticCouture from which I bought a pair of dangled earings
They came in a cute little box with a silver ribbon packed carefully with tissue. I thought these were super cute and sparkled, a girl can't resist some sparkle!!

My final purchase from Etsy was another pair of earrings this time they were a light amber-y colour and a rectangular shape. I bought these from Vision of beauty Design and they arrived in this cute little pouch with some extras!!

 In the second picture was the free items which I was not expecting! the pink gems can be swapped with the current ones on the earrings, so you get 2 earrings in one! and this oh so cute bobbie pin slide with a flower on!

I have to be off now, got to go to work however I will be back as I have some avon purchases that I wish to share with you girls!!


Megs x

Saturday, 7 July 2012

What's in my bag

Hello :)

Thought I would give the 'What's in my bag' tag a go today!

This is my bag, I currently use it when I go to work and have a smaller one for day to day things
Inside it has 3 sections with a zip for the middle one and a zip to cover all 3
Inside the back pocket all I keep at the moment is my diary and a pen, the pen isn't just for the diary even though it's handy it is also because there are never any pens at work. It's like when you answer the one and someone gives you a message/number and you can never find one, that is what it can be like at work!
In the middle zipped up pocket I keep some paracetamol and ibuprofen, hand cream (Hand Food by Soap and Glory which is my absolute favourite!) and a lip balm, however I left 2 in there one of which being the trusty rosy lips vaseline and then this....
my benetint lip balm! This is slightly redder than the vaseline as it contains benetint which is a lip and cheek tint by benefit (I have a mini one for travel size)
and in the front pocket I have my MASSIVE (and empty) purse, my glasses, ipod touch, car keys, Blackberry curve and Miami Party body spray by Avon.

I now tag YOU to do the same!!


Megs x

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Payday haul!!!

Hello :)

Seen as I have just been paid I decided to stock up on a few of the necessities and some treats!!
Some of it isn't interesting at all but it's things I had to buy!! and it wasn't a big shop it was just ASDA, Boots, Superdrug and Waterstones.

This is the ASDA haul! I originally went to ASDA to do the food shop and buy a couple of books however the books were sold out!!! :( Out of all the shopping these are the items that I picked up for myself! Firstly I got some razors which were £1 and the more interesting item was The Woman In Black DVD at £10. This DVD has 2 of my favourite things in it (sadly not a Disney film!) It stars Daniel Radcliffe and is a Horror film. Yes I know it says 12 but believe me it is scary!! I watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and A Nightmare on Elm Street for fun. This is a film that will make you jump! Even if you see it for a second time in the cinema you still forget bits and they make you jump!!! I love Horror films and all things spooky and Halloween-y and this was a must buy purchase for me!!

I then nipped into Boots to grab a conditioner and some other hair bits, I ended up leaving with a V05 Conditioner for Blonde hair (it might have been about £3 I can't remember) a new dry shampoo in seductive and elegant lace as my tropical one is almost empty and I wanted to try a different one and a complete impulse buy of a Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy (I swatched it on the 3rd photo)
I then had to go into Superdrug because Boots didn't sell my face wipes (which are half price until Tuesday) which is the Johnson's Dreamy Skin Range and I absolutely LOVE them so when they are offer I stock up big time, I also got a leave in conditioning spray for my hair which Lea used on me last time she was here and I loved it so I got it! :)

And Finally.......
I bought the Fifty Shades trilogy :) EVERYONE has been banging on about them so I thought I would give them a go!!

I have also purchased so products from etsy so when they arrive I will do a haul and my avon order! (soooo much stuff :) ) I have got some great ideas for up-coming blogs and a couple of product reveiws (currently using Benefit's Bad Gal Lash Mascara instead of my normal drug store max factor false lash effect) and hopefully some vlogs!!
Any requests for blogs or opinions on products, books, films or anything pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you!!