Friday, 3 May 2013

Big Haul #Haultastic

Hello Lovelies!

Yes another haul however before I went away I did some shopping and didn't share it so it looks like May is the month of haul posts!

So during the past few months I have done bits of shopping here and there and think that it is time to share them in a big haul :) These are in no real order and some have been waiting to be blogged about for months and months! Let's get started!!

Now I love me a bit of Benefit! And I have tried some of their skincare range and it even made it to my January Favourites and I really enjoyed using them. I was just passing the Benefit stand and spotted this little  set and was only £12.50 I think don't hold me to that as I can't find it on their website! but you can find all the products from the skincare range here . At such a low price I decided to give it a go as full size products are expensive and this is also good for travelling.

Ok. I caved, big time. This is the Urban Decay Glinda Palate from their Oz The Great and The Powerful collection which can be seen here and is £35 and even I thought that was a bit pricey but I caved when there was one of those massive beauty sales on so I thought why not! Just look at it. It is so pretty. I love Urban Decay and oh yeah it has Disney written on the front and it is Michelle Williams Make-up! In the set which I actually place on my wishlist ages ago with a massive description, there are 6  full size eye shadows in new colours and 2 of which are duo shadows so you are getting 8 shadows! There is also a saturated lip colour pencil in Glinda and 24/7 liner in Rockstar all in a lovely palette with a card to help you recreate the look!

Top - Tornado, Aura, Magic
Bottom - Illusion, Oz, South

This is another product off my wishlist! It is the Benefit go tropiCORAL set and is £22.50 which can be seen here

The set contains a mini version of: Cha Cha tint, High Beam, Coralista blush and plush gloss. I love Benefit products and really can't wait to try them out! I already have tried high beam and love it to pieces! 

From top to bottom: Cha Cha tint, high beam, coralista blush and coralista plush gloss

Oh well, more Oz....not really that surprising is it?? I really like OPI polishes I have 2 from their James Bond Collection which I mentioned in my January Favourites and when I saw these I was like a moth to the flame! I had again written about them in my wishlist! OPI brought out a collection at the same time as the film was released, you can check out the collection here and this set is around £13 which is pretty steep but I am a clever devil and found it at a beauty whole sale place for less! This set includes the 3 I really wanted to try and another one! The colours are: I Theodora You which is like a baby pink, Don't burst my bubble is a lighter pink, Glints of Glinda which is like a peachy tone nude and What wizadry is this? which is a matt gold deep shimmer. I am so excited to try these!!

Something a little less exciting is this wash and mask 2 in 1 from Neutrogena. I love my face was from them and have been looking for a good mask and as this was on offer at Asda for £2  I decided to pick it up, I will let you know how I fair with it!

OOOOOO look at the pretty lip colours!!! 

I picked up a few lip products, the top swatch is the Max Factor lipstick in 825 Pink Brandy is a nice pink toned coral shade and feels really soft on the skin with good colour pay off. The next product is a Topshop lipstick in Macaroon and is slightly more pink than the max factor coral and gives a more matte finish. I love this colour and can't wait to wear it! Next is a gloss I thought would pair nicely with either of them and is Bourjous effect 3D lipgloss in the colour 52, can't seem to find an actual name and is a lovely soft peach coral, it looks quite orange in the packaging and has a hint of shimmer through it. Finally I picked up one of the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers in Luna. I had read many reviews on them and decided to see what the hype was about and ventured out of my comfort zone of nude lips and got this orange/peachy colour. Look at the colour payoff in the swatch!.

Products ranged from £5-£8

Hope you enjoyed my 'little' Haul!





  1. Great post lovely :D I love the Coralista set!! glad you got it! I have Luna apocalips and its so pretty on just not sure about the smell.. lol!!

    Jen xxx

    1. I love the set! And yeah, the smell is a bit...hmmm!! LOL


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    1. Thank you! Just checking out your blog now!