Saturday, 30 June 2012

Payday haul!!!

Hello :)

Seen as I have just been paid I decided to stock up on a few of the necessities and some treats!!
Some of it isn't interesting at all but it's things I had to buy!! and it wasn't a big shop it was just ASDA, Boots, Superdrug and Waterstones.

This is the ASDA haul! I originally went to ASDA to do the food shop and buy a couple of books however the books were sold out!!! :( Out of all the shopping these are the items that I picked up for myself! Firstly I got some razors which were £1 and the more interesting item was The Woman In Black DVD at £10. This DVD has 2 of my favourite things in it (sadly not a Disney film!) It stars Daniel Radcliffe and is a Horror film. Yes I know it says 12 but believe me it is scary!! I watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and A Nightmare on Elm Street for fun. This is a film that will make you jump! Even if you see it for a second time in the cinema you still forget bits and they make you jump!!! I love Horror films and all things spooky and Halloween-y and this was a must buy purchase for me!!

I then nipped into Boots to grab a conditioner and some other hair bits, I ended up leaving with a V05 Conditioner for Blonde hair (it might have been about £3 I can't remember) a new dry shampoo in seductive and elegant lace as my tropical one is almost empty and I wanted to try a different one and a complete impulse buy of a Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy (I swatched it on the 3rd photo)
I then had to go into Superdrug because Boots didn't sell my face wipes (which are half price until Tuesday) which is the Johnson's Dreamy Skin Range and I absolutely LOVE them so when they are offer I stock up big time, I also got a leave in conditioning spray for my hair which Lea used on me last time she was here and I loved it so I got it! :)

And Finally.......
I bought the Fifty Shades trilogy :) EVERYONE has been banging on about them so I thought I would give them a go!!

I have also purchased so products from etsy so when they arrive I will do a haul and my avon order! (soooo much stuff :) ) I have got some great ideas for up-coming blogs and a couple of product reveiws (currently using Benefit's Bad Gal Lash Mascara instead of my normal drug store max factor false lash effect) and hopefully some vlogs!!
Any requests for blogs or opinions on products, books, films or anything pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you!!




Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lakes, Leeds and a lack of blogging!! (and a long post! sorry!!)


Sorry for the complete lack of blogging recently! after going to London I went back to work for a week and then spent last week in the lake district with a couple of friends.

Work was the same old but just when I had got used to being at work again I was off for another week to go to the lakes!! We spent 5 days in Seasons Whittborough (I think that is how you spelt it, but you know how bad I am!) and it was such a nice place! My friend drove us down on the Monday and we decided to unpack and go to the local supermarket for food. Oh, I should point out that you stay in little houses in the holiday village, a bit like Dirty Dancing, and it is self catered. So I had heard a lot about the place because my friends had stayed there previously and told me the house would be, a little different to a normal house. Slightly confused, I know. So we went in to unload our bags and the house was upside down. Not like literally with the roof on the floor but the levels were upside down! The bedrooms and bathrooms were on the ground floor when you walked in and the living room and kitchen/dining room was upstairs! I will try and upload the short room tour for you guys! So the first day we just unpacked and did the food shop, rather chilled day and then had a wonder around the place and found a pub quiz (massive pub quiz fan!).

OH, before I forget! When we were driving to the site we drove through a place called Greystoke and passed this ma-hoo-sive house with acres and acres of land and my friend pointed out that Tarzan was known as/said to be the Lord Of Greystoke (there is a film about it from the '80's) and I got super excited because I could relate it to Disney (yes I know, little sad) any way....moving on...

On the second day we decided to wonder round Keswick and do a little shopping. I mean like REALLY LITTLE shopping but we did go in a really cool sweet shop called....Ye Olde Friars of Keswick and I could of spent all day in there!! we decided to stay in the village as there was a sports bar which would be playing the Football (England match, so we weren't going to miss it) and have some tea so to pass the time we played Mini Golf which I promptly lost! I was rubbish!! 

On the Wednesday we decided to go out and do something productive! So, on recommendation from my friends dad, we went panning for gemstones! And it was actually a lot of fun! we were the only ones there and we went to the little stream with our panning trays and spent almost 2 hours panning!! I kept finding fools gold everywhere!!! You were given a little pot to put your gemstones in to take home and we filled 3! It was so much fun. We had spotted a little museum in keswick which was all about illusions and puzzles (pretty sure I took some video footage, will try and upload them) and one room made me feel rreeaaallyyy sick, it messed with your head!!!! We had found the swimming pool in the main area of the holiday village and went swimming every day, most times twice a day and that night after we had been swimming we decided to go up to the bar to see what entertainment was on. When we got there we found that the entertainment that night was a young singer from Blackpool called Tom McLeod who sounded a lot like Michael BublĂ©. Well, after a bottle of wine one of the friends departed for the night and me and my other friend stayed on to watch the entertainment. He was a great singer and interacting with the audience and was really a good laugh. However, I was sure that if we got up and crossed the room to go to the loo we would get hounded. The dancefloor bit he was on (he wasn't on a stage he could wonder about, and he did) was right next to the loos and I knew he would harass us if we went! True to form he did, to a couple of middle aged ladies and it was so funny and I decided I ain't even gonna try! My friend on the other hand went for it and promptly got harassed while he sang 'My Girl' we both couldn't stop laughing, I was on the floor crying and she wondered out of the room! leaving me to get hounded!!!! Well after that I said I wasn't moving, so she got use more wine! oh yes, wise move. She needed a smoke and took the opportunity while he was across the other side to make a dash for the balcony (there were 3 doors one opposite us and then 2 equally distanced apart one near the loo....) which ran the length of the hall. Spotting her, he decided to lock her out locking ALL the doors! Now trying to mime that the doors are locked after you have had wine is difficult so I decided to unlock them when his back was turned, this didn't work out. The result was us both being locked on a balcony..... after 5 mins he decided to let us back in unlocking the door near the toilet, he came after us again and we spent the next 5 minutes trying to decide when the best time to run from the loo was. To end the night we bought his CD and made cocktails!

Thursday and Friday were less interesting to you as they resulted in watching Pushing Daisies all day and packing to drive home on the Friday.

On the Saturday, I drove to Leeds to see Lea and her new place. I do not want to spoil the surprise on here so check out her blog when she has the internet to see her room tours!


Apologies to not blogging recently, I didn't have wifi in the lakes and I have been mad busy with work however I do have some new blogs coming up so my posts will become more frequent!



P.S thanks for baring with me in this rambling blog!!!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Quick Catch-up and off to The Lakes!

Hello! :)

Not blogged in a bit so thought I would just catch you all up! It's not been very interesting if I am honest I have just been really busy at work which is not very exciting at all!!

On Thursday evening I went with my friend to the Odeon to see Frankenstein, it was a production in The National Theatre last year and was shown live in cinemas. My friend went to see it last year and they showed 2 productions and they are doing the same this year. So, to persuade me she told me it stars Benedict Cumberbatch who currently plays Sherlock Holmes in the BBC show Sherlock and he and the other actor whose name escapes me at this moment in time (he was great too though I shall add) play the creature and Dr Frankenstein. In one production (the one I saw on Thursday) Cumberbatch was the creature and the other bloke was Dr Frankenstein, to say it was a good show would be a lie; in the words of Arthur Shappy (Cabin Pressure reference) it was brilliant!! it was hypnotic at times and funny. In the second production (which I will be seeing next week) the 2 leads swap creature will be creator and creator is creature. I am rather excited!

Now, this week I will be going to the Lakes (well in about an hour I should be leaving!) for about 5 days, I hope to vlog while I am there because we are staying in a little house and there is a forest and we will just be exploring the forest bit at the back and going into the little villages. When I get back I will then be off to see Lea in Leeds to hopefully do a trip to ikea  and see her new flat! Super excited!!

Right, got to go now I still have loads to do!!



Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What I am currently......Watching

Hello :)

I decided to do a series of blogs about what I am currently doing/watching/reading/loving etc and I thought that I would start with what I am currently watching! More recently my 'watching' hasn't really changed and hasn't really been a lot, I have just been keeping up with my usual shows like NCIS, CSI:NY and Criminal Minds (see a pattern forming there?) and one day on a whim I was asked if I wanted to watch a show called Once Upon A Time on channel 5 in the UK (I believe that a couple of weeks ago the season 1 finale aired in the USA on abc). It appealed to me as it was promoted as being related to Fairytales and characters from the well known ones. 

I became addicted to the show straight after episode one! We are currently up to episode 11 I think in the UK (It airs sundays on channel 5 around the 8pm mark) I will basically outline the backbone of the story without hopefully giving to much away and point out some of the well know characters.

To start with it revolves around the story of Snow White with the Evil Queen saying that she will put a curse on all the fairytale characters so that they will never have their happy endings. They end up being in our world, in a place called Storybrooke in Maine, to be able to break the curse the 'saviour' will return who happens to be Snow and Charming's daughter (she's called Emma). Now while in Storybrooke the characters do not age or remember who they used to be, when Emma arrives she is told of the curse and it's effects from a young boy who is the Mayor of Storybrookes son. By coming to Storybrooke she is effecting the curse and things start to change.....

There are  a number of characters to look out for in the series including:
Snow White
Prince Charming
The Evil Queen
Jiminy Crickett
Red Riding Hood
and a LOT more!!!

When watching it is interesting to spot subtle hints to other Disney Films as the show is made by abc which is a Disney owned company there are a number of small links like for example one of the characters called Archie has a dalmatian which is called Pongo and also the creators of the show made the TV show Lost and apparently there are small hints to things that were in Lost however I have not seen Lost so I don't really know what to look out for! 

I don't really want to go into tooooo much detail and ruin the stories in the episodes so I will post a trailer for the first episode for you all to watch.

If you have any shows you think I would like to watch just let me know in the comments section! Let me know what you think of OUAT too if you watch it!!



Monday, 11 June 2012

Sunday, 10 June 2012

London Haul!!

So as I was in London and did lots of touristy things I had to do a bit of shopping, now this isn't like normal shopping it was shopping at gift shops mainly! To get momentos (if that is even how you spell!) of the trip!

So, let's start at the beginning of the trip and What I bought at The Lion King:
Starting from the top left corner, there is the programme from the show. Now every time I see a show I make an effort to at least get a programme to keep with all my others to keep a record of all the shows I have seen. Top right, sort of underneath the programme is a zip up hoodie, these were selling out fast and i have always fancied a zip up hoodie with a show logo on it that I can wear and it is just so comfy! Sort of bottom right/middle is the souvenir programme that came with the other one which again is something I get from every show I go to!! The bottom left is a t-shirt I bought completely by impulse! the guy serving me had one on and they were only in for the Jubilee weekend and they are the softest t-shirt I have ever felt!! Loved the fact it was a 'Keep Calm' style top which I am seeing a lot of on everything!! On top of the t-shirt there is a key ring of Simba drawn by Rafeeki and a magnet of the logo to go on my radiator!!

Day 2 was obviously the Harry Potter Studio tour and I also bought some souvenirs there:
 Ok, so in the Top left corner I bought a t-shirt with the Ministry of Magic logo on it, underneath I bought a few postcards, hoping to make a small collage of pictures when I get round to it!! The big yellow thing is a Hufflepuff scarf! I bought this as I am in that house on Pottermore! I wanted to get all 4 house crests and I found these really cute pins! it also has the Hogwarts crest in the middle, next to the pins I got 2 keyrings, one being a Hufflepuff quidditch crest and the other representing The Deathly Hallows
 At the studios there was photo opportunities and of course we took them! this is the 'frame' that they come in and below is the 2 I purchased and the souvenir guidebook
 The first picture is of me on a broom flying over Hogwarts, my mum thinks I look like a model in that picture and Lea said I looked like a victoria's secret model....Carmen..I think its Carmen Electra but I am unsure! The second picture is of me and my friend being silly!
 I also purchased a Chocolate Frog! These were bought in the films from Honeydukes sweet shop in Hogsmede and off the trolley in the Hogwarts express

I think it is only fitting that my card inside was the founder of the Hufflepuff house!!

On the final day there were 3 main hauls to do:

First was what I bought at the Sherlock Holmes Museum:
The top item is just a postcard which I will be sending to friends across the pond! Underneath are 2 small plaques, like you would find for a street sign, I bought the Baker street one and then the second I saw on the door on the way out of the museum and it made me giggle so I decided to buy that one too. However, now i am not sure where to put these!!!

The Second shopping on that day was a shop on Shaftsbury Ave called Forbidden Planet which is a cult and TV mega store. They have stuff from films and TV:
From top right: I bought a bottle of Tru: Blood from the TV show True Blood which I am a MASSIVE fan of!! Each year i go to London I buy one, this is number 3! Next is a keyring for my dad for fathers day, it's from the TV show Only Fools and horses, I bought a couple of badges to pin on my pin board 2 Ghostbuster ones and a neighbourhood witch one, in the bottom left is a Breakfast at Tiffany's shopping list pad which is now on my radiator! then I got a Breakfast at Tiffany's notebook to place on my desk, That film is one of my favourites and I am a big Audrey Hepburn fan! I may blog about her and Marilyn another time!! underneath the pad is  a Gremlins pen, complete impulse buy in the sale basket so I could use it at work! and Finally another book to add to my 'Library' in my room The hound of the baskervilles. it kind of speaks for itself really!!

Finally, there was a Disney store! now my mission was to buy a tiara for my holiday because my friend say's I belong in a Disney film so on holiday I will wear it!:
 Ok, it is pretty clear that there is a Minnie Mouse there! I bought her to go on my bed but I didn't want to get one of the new ones that was pink, she is the original style Minnie and is so cute! underneath her is the tiara!! it is Rapunzel's from Tangled :) on the left is a small box which contains a mini vinylmation figure from the snow white series, on the right is the cutest bear from the new pixar film Brave which has yet to be released and finally is a london mickey key ring which I will be sending my friend who has just got herself a new house (I say just she has been there a bit now!!)
 I always get a re-usable bag and this time I got the Brave one (the only 2 I didn't have was this one and a world mickey one)
 These are the different figures you could get. Each box is sealed and you don't know which one you have
Vinylmation is a small vinyl type figure in the shape of mickey mouse for different characters (ie they are all the same shape with the ears but have the picture of their character's hard to verbalise!!)
 I was so excited when I saw they had Snow White ones! I have recently become obsessed with the abc show Once Upon a Time (Blog to follow!) and abc is owned by Disney so I was soooo excited!! the main characters include Snow White so getting quite obsessed with that Disney film even though it is already one of my favourites!!
I got the bluebird on and as you can see it is Mickey Mouse shaped but is painted/printed like a bluebird!!

And that is it for the haul!


Megs x

London Baby!!! Day 3

So, Day 3 was more or less spent running round London trying to fit as much in as possible! 

First we went to Harrods, where we almost got lost and enjoyed some ice cream!

 We then went to the London Film Museum (it may be the British film museum, not quite sure!!)
 Then, for any Sherlock fans (the BBC one starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman) we nipped over to where they film for their 221b and Speedy's cafe where we enjoyed a 'Sherlock Wrap'
Obviously I found the Disney store just opposite the Bond St tube station which is huge and has a castle inside!!!
 This was taken at the actual 221b Baker Street where there is a Sherlock Holmes Museum!

That is the ice cream from Harrods, I had a scoop of Caramel and Cookie flavoured ice cream!!

well that was a long post!!


Megs x

London Baby!!! Day 2

Well, day 2 was rather exciting!! we went to The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London!!
It was sooooo cool! It was a one way system round and you started with a cinema room where a small video was played with the 3 lead actors in front of the doors to the great hall, after the small film finished the screen lifted up and revealed the same doors that you saw in the films. needless to say that I was speechless
We got to walk through those famous doors and walk through the set which had been used for all 8 films! there was costumes on display for each of the 4 houses (I am in hufflepuff on Pottermore, I was in the first beta testers!!) and a selection of costumes from the teachers.

You walked round all the sets that they actually used during filming and needless to say a LOT of pictures were taken! around 400!! if anyone wants more pictures just comment below as there was: hair and makeup, boys dormitory, gryffindor common room, potions classroom, order of the phoenix costumes, quidditch, ministry of magic, Umbridge's office, Photo ops on brooms, The Burrow, Hagrids hut, the knight bus, Privet drive, creature effects, diagon alley and art department.

Right at the end, you walked round a corner and was met with the most amazing sight; the model of Hogwarts that was used during filming

I think we shall leave it there for now


Megs x

London Baby!! Day 1

Let us start with day 1 of my trip to London over the Jubilee!

Now when it comes to any other day and getting up to an alarm at 5am, I am not impressed (it is usually for work so reeeaallllyyy don't want to get up them days!) So me and friend got the train from Blackpool to Preston and then to London Euston. We were staying in the YHA St Pancreas which is a youth hostel across the road from Kings Cross St Pancreas station. I have stayed there before and it's nothing exciting I will hopefully put a room tour on my youtube channel.

We headed over to St Pauls Cathedral to see if we could spot The Queen and we did! It was amazing we saw her drive past us and I got a really good video of it so hopefully that will get uploaded soon!
After we saw her we grabbed a bite to eat and spotted a sign for St Barts hospital which is used a lot in the BBC TV Series called Sherlock which I am a MASSIVE fan of and without spoiling series 2 for people we went to st Barts and we spotted these!
 This is what we found on the walls!
 And we wrote on there ourselves!

When we go to London we always see a show, we try and see a show at least once a year and try and see the show in London too! So we decided to see the Lion King and it was my first time seeing it, my friend had seen it on Broadway and we saw it at the Lyceum Theatre

It was amazing!! A great show for a family too which is always a bonus because then you can get your children into musical theatre. It includes songs from the first and second Lion King film and is just fantastic to watch! There we people on the stage, walking through the theatre and in the boxes where people were sitting!

As we headed back we walked through Covent Garden and managed to spot a really cute small Disney Store!! It's like I can sniff them out!!


Megs x