Friday, 8 March 2013

Hello Lovelies!!

I know we are a week already into March and I haven't written a favourites for February yet! So I thought I should get a move on with it during a small break in lecture.

Ok so the first thing (or things!) that I have been loving for the past month is Soap and Glory products! I had popped into my local Boots store and picked up a few things as most of time they were on 3 for 2 and as I hadn't really tried them before I thought I would try the travel size ones (roughly £2.50 each) and this is what I got

I picked up some Glad Hair day shampoo and conditioner, hand food. scrub of your life, the righteous butter and clean girls body wash. I have to say I loved them all! I stuck these in my gym washbag and started using them after my workouts. I love the smell of the soap and glory products, it is right up my street! With the shampoo and conditioner the fragrance was quite strong but I did like the outcome on my hair. It left it feeling soft and hydrated and didn't make it dryer or go greasy quicker than my normal shampoo's. I felt that the body scrub worked really well on my skin, sometimes I can find that with scrubs they dry out patches of my skin and this one didn't! I teamed it with their moisturising body butter to lock in all the moisture and it continued to keep my skin soft for aggeeesss! a little goes a long way with this butter and they all have the same fragrance in varying strengths. The hand food I picked up because I love it and wanted a smaller one to throw in my uni bag to keep my hands soft. If you haven't tried this hand cream go and try it NOW! Check out all the products available here.

The next product I have been loving this month is the Lush Mint Julips Lip scrub at £5.25 

With the cold months still with us I needed to give my dry and chapped lips some TLC! and to make my lips luscious and lipstick ready I would use this scrub on my lips and then team it with my favourite lip balm the Carex cherry lipbalm. I adore Lush products and this goes for the lip scrubs too! This one smells and tastes like mint chocolate and it is edible! that did make me smile, it wasn't one of those scents and tastes that are more artificial and I can't praise Lush enough for their products! Check out all of Lush's products here.

 The next set of items are makeup items mainly the products for my 'go to' looks of the past month. Firstly, after my friend at work told me how she uses Benefit's Moonbeam I decided to give it a go, it is around £18.50. She places a few small drops under her eye and just above the cheekbone and swears by it so I gave it a try. Placing it under the eye, in my opinion, really does make a difference it brightens the area and reflects the light beautifully.It is a golden apricot colour and really does illuminate the skin.
check out the Benefit website here for more products

One of the first of my 'go to' looks is a really simple eye, I just used one base lid colour. MAC Naked Lunch  (around £12 I am unsure if more)

It is an absolutely gorgeous frost shadow which is a nude/pink and looks good on it's own or even made into an evening smokey eye. I just popped this on my lid and blended it with a fluffy brush and stuck on some mascara when in a rush (sometimes I stuck liner on but mostly I left the eye unlined) I absolutely loved the colour payoff and staying power of this shadow and it can be buildable to make a stronger colour.

The second look I used consisted of MAC Brule all over the lid with Vanilla in the inner corner, Urban Decay Tease through the crease, line lash line with MAC Teddy pencil and then blend a small amount of MAC Woodwinked into the liner.
Top: MAC Vanilla
Bottom: MAC Brule

MAC Woodwinked

Urban Decay Tease

MAC Teddy Liner

This made a subtle smokey eye with bronze shimmer as the liner is a bronze/brown and  Woodwinked has a really nice shimmer through it that complimented my eye colour

Check here for MAC products and here for Urban Decay products

As for Mascara for the past month, every day without fail I reached for The Rocket by Maybelline in black waterproof
I absolutely loved the effect it had on my lashes! I thought that it actually did a pretty good job when I compared it to my Benefit They're Real mascara and I think it a good everyday alternative and is cheaper!!

you can see other Maybelline products here.

The final thing I have been loving this month is a cover of the One Direction song Kiss You which was covered my two of my favourite youtubers Luke Conard and Joey Graceffa. There were two covers done where each of them performed different parts

Click the picture to see Luke's version of the song

Luke's Youtube Channel -
Joey's Youtube Channel -

Hope you enjoyed that little post, have a lovely day!

ttfn x

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #1

Hello Lovelies! 

I thought while I was on a roll this evening I might start something new! I can't promise I will do it every week but I hope to carry this on into the future! So why are we sat here chit-chatting? let's get started!!

So the first item on the wish list ( they are in no particular order ) is a product by Benefit. It's no secret that I LOVE Benefit products! I love love love them to pieces! So when I spied this I went all 'OMGINEEDTHISINMYLIFELIKENOW' (If you ask my friends I have these moments and I wont shut up about whatever it is that I saw!) and it is the Go TropiCORAL lip and cheek set priced at £24.50 which includes: ChaCha Tint which is a mango-tinted lip & cheeck stain, I have used the Benetint before but I would love to try this one out. High Beam which is a luminescent complexion enhancer which I have used before and love! I use it on my brow bone and to highlight my cheek bone. CORALista face powder which is a soft coral powder which I use as a blush and finally an ultra plush CORALista lip gloss which I would love to try!

Pictures from the Benefit website found Here

The second thing on my wish list is some lipsticks from Topshop. I have heard quite a few positive reviews about them and really want to give them a try. I popped into my local store and swatched a couple that really took my eye.
swatch: top - bottom; Innocent, Macaroon and Ohh La La (pictures taken by me and edited in the InstaCollage Free app for my iPhone)

When I was having a look at them I found them to have a really creamy texture and had good payoff. Most of my lipsticks are in the nude/pink family which is why I am drawn to Innocent but during Spring/Summer I tend to go for corals and I thought I might even try an orange! At £8 each they aren't really cheap but are the same price as most drugstore lipsticks but they are definitely a more affordable choice than some high end lipsticks.
Check out the Topshop website here for more information

The next item on my list is there just because it has a light and a mirror in the lipgloss! It is the Gosh Light'n Shine Lip Glazes. 

At £7.99 each they are quite expensive and as I haven't tried one yet I can't say whether or not they are worth it or if you are just paying for the novelty factor. You can find the Gosh makeup line at Superdrug, click here for the like for the Light'n Shine Lip Glaze.
If any of you ladies have tried any please let me know in the comments your verdict!

The next two items combine two of my favourite things: Beauty products and Disney. Can you guess what I am talking about? Go on, Guess!!

It's the Urban Decay Oz The Great and Powerful palettes and the OPI Oz The Great and Powerful Nail Collection!!
Let's start with the Urban Decay palettes, There are two one for Theodora played by Mila Kunis and one for Glinda played by Michelle Williams and are about £35 each.
Picture taken from the Urban Decay website, you can find more info here

Each palette in a metal tin the same size as the build your own palettes comes with 6 brand new shadows including 2 never before seen duo shades, a small 24/7 eyeliner, Super-Saturated high-gloss lip colour and a get the look card which you can use to recreate the looks in the film! (I was talking to an Urban Decay lady and she said although the shadows are new for the palettes, the lip colour is from the permanent line just re-named for the palette, so if you run out ladies or just want the colour you can still get them!)

The Theodora Palette - the six shades are (top left to bottom right) Broken (pale yellowish satin), Beware (reddish brown matte), Bewitch (dark charcoal brown satin), West (deep brown matallic), Spell duo shade (black satin with green and gold shimmer, Gold matallic with tonal glitter), Jealous duo shade (pale green pearl, dark green pearl). The eyeliner in this palette is a travel-size 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Black (Zero) and the Super-Saturated high gloss lip colour is in Theodora (F-Bomb in permanent collection)

The Glinda Palette - the six shades are (top left to bottom right) Tornado (vibrant purple shimmer), Aura duo shade (iridescent white with blue shift/ iridescent white with red shift), Magic (pinkish purple with a golden shimmer), Illusion (pale peach satin), Oz duo shade (gold with gold glitter, silver with silver glitter), South (warm pale grey with silver micro-glitter). The eyeliner for this palette is a travel-size 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Purple (Rockstar) and the Super-Saturated high gloss lip colour is in Glinda (Naked in the permanent collection)

The final item is from the OPI Oz collection, its all of them!! you can check them out here on the OPI website. There are six colours in the collection and I honestly can't pick between them!!
I found this picture with all the names on from here and I also found a great blog post of a review of them here

This picture was from this link here

And this concludes my first Wednesday Wishlist! Hope you liked it and here is to many more!!



Reveiw: FM Cosmetics

Hello Lovelies!!

Well apologies for my absence I have been slowly burried under a mountain of university work! Anyway I thought I would bring you a post which is well overdue! A reveiw of FM Cosmetics.

FM Group is a fast growing group in the perfume market which then extended into FM for Home and FM Makeup Products. They have a wide selection of perfumes which can be duplicates for high end perfumes but at a fraction of the price.

 My friend Jess (check out her Facebook Page Here!) is a FM representitive and asked if I wouldn't mind trying out a few of their products and of course I said yes! So here is my thoughts on the samples that I got to test!

Firstly I tested a couple of moisturisers; one body lotion and one face cream. Let's start with the body lotion, I used the FM B-Glucan body lotion and I loved it. There wasn't a strong fragrance which I found I actually liked, I am not a fan of when you have a moistoriser with a strong fragrance then battling which ever perfume you are wearing! I have noticed recently with this cold weather my skin has been quite dry and this lotion just sunk right into my skin and kept it soft and smooth all day long! I think I may have mentioned in a previous post that my skin has been quite dry on my face during winter so when I recieved the sample of the B-Glucan face moisturiser I decided to use it as a night cream as it said that this product could be used either during the day or as a night cream. This cream I felt had a slightly stronger scent which I found quite relaxing really! Again my skin seemed to just slurp up this cream and become super hydrated and soft. When i woke in the morning my skin was ready for the day and I was really impressed with the results!

Sticking with the face area I also had a sample of the FM Makeup second skin foundation in the colour Sand Beige. I am not a foundation person (although I love my YSL Le Teint Touché Eclait when I do go all out!) and I was relatively surprised at how much I actually liked this! I only used a thin layer and buffed it into moisturised skin and it gave an even medium coverage which is what I like. If you prefer a more heavier coverage I would say that this is a build-able foundation. Second skin foundation? It felt like there was nothing sitting on my skin, one of my makeup pet hates is when foundation feels thick and cakey and looks that way too!!!

Another product I got to test was the FM Spa Senses Bath Salts in Cherry Blossom. OMG I can not describe how amazing these bath salts smell!! They really do smell like Cherry Blossoms! Stick 'em in your bath, let them dissolve and relax in the aroma of cherry blossom! I found that these left my skin soft without a residue, I find that with some bath salts (not all) that they can leave a residue, sort of greasy and you really don't want to come out of the bath feeling all greasy!!

Finally, the last products I was given were two perfume samples; FM313 which is a dupe for Paco Rabanne Lady Million and FM125 which is like Nina Ricci  - Ricci. Now these DO smell like the actual perfumes. I did a small test in a perfume shop wearing my FM on one wrist and the high end one on the other and they smelt exactly the same and when I asked my friends to compare they couldn't tell a difference!

So to conclude. I am in love with FM!!

Why don't you check out their website? You can see it here!



P.S. Thanks Jess for letting me test the products! x