Friday, 27 July 2012

Bonnie's Blogs day 1&2

Hello ladies! I'm taking over!!

I'm Bonnie and I belong to Alex and Lea but while they are living it up in London I am on holiday at auntie Megan's!!

Day 1 wasn't to interesting, Megan was late for work which amused me greatly at 6:30am!! I just spent the day chilling and getting used to the new room I am to stay in, FYI Megan it needs a tidy!!!!

Day 2 The room is still a mess but Karen keeps talking to me when Megan is running up and down the stairs (I have no idea what she is doing) She leaves the door ajar so I can nosey out or just people watch but She likes to shut it to keep the rif raf out!! Any way I got to go ladies, I am just going to watch the end of the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics and have a sleep! What do you think of the ceremony???? let me know in the comments section!!

Talk soon!!!

Bonnie x

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  1. Megan this is hilarious! I'm going to have to link to this!!

    Lea x